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Paris Pass

Paris Pass

The Paris entry pass can make your travel more convenient, if you plan to travel more than one day. It allows you to access over 55 of Paris’ world famous museums and monuments, including the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Arc de Triomphe and many more for free.

Make sure you plan the attractions you plan to visit – many Museums and Monuments are closed on Mondays and Tuesday in Paris.

If you are the extra cautious type of person, you can purchase insurance which covers for a non-use. The pass is only refundable, if insured and you for some reason are unable to use your pass.

What is it

It is a free entry pass to over 60 sights and tourist attractions in Paris. Visitors simply pay one time for the pass of their choice. Then, they can enter as many tourist attractions included in addition to free ride on the Paris Metro system.

What they do

The free entry pass provides a one stop shop for an ‘all you can eat’ buffet type of attractions. The pass is run by the travel specialist who run the Great Britain Heritage Pass, The Leisure Pass Group.

Products or Services offered:

 Entry to over 60 Museums and Monuments
 Metro Travelcard
 120 + page Guidebook
 Entry to Grevin Wax Museum
 Free wine tasting experience
 Seine River cruise
 Additional special offers for restaurants and shops
 Money back guarantee
 Skip the queues at top attractions

What makes them unique

1. One card gives all.
From free entry to over 60 Museums, Art Galleries, Monuments and Attractions to Metro Travelcard allows you to save over Euro 125.

2. Paris Pass saves time and money.
Unlike purchasing ticket separately, a country pass like this will more likely save you time and money. You skip all the queue lines to attractions, you use your time for more planning and you enjoy your time better vacationing.

3. Plan your trip with an interactive map.
The pass comes with a 120 page guidebook that you can receive in advance and use for direction planning.

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