travel | Sight seeing tops poll as favourite activity when traveling
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Sight seeing tops poll as favourite activity when traveling

Sight seeing tops poll as favourite activity when traveling

The reasons for travel are immense and various. Sometimes there are compelling reasons such as education, family or business purposes but most often people travel for the sheer thrill of venturing out of their comfort zone and experience something other than the humdrum of everyday life.

Humans have a compelling need for change while harking after the familiar. That is why a vacation is a must, so that daily routine can be put on hold and new sites and sounds can be absorbed for an enriching and refreshing experience.

According to a poll conducted for which close to 900 responses were received, what people enjoyed the most about traveling was seeing the sites of a new destination. Gazing upon the wonders of the world, seeing works of architectural beauty, historic monuments and places of natural beauty can be a healing experience for anyone. With 41.67% polling for sightseeing as the most favorite factor for traveling it is easy to see why most opt for holidays where sight seeing options are in abundance.

A very important result of traveling is the experience that the traveler gains, as everyone who travels come back enriched by the experience. Meeting people and learning about new cultures both polled 16.67% each, proving that humans are essentially social creatures and enjoy interaction. Being part of a cultural event or visiting places of cultural importance are experiences we all enjoy, as absorbing new and interesting knowledge is inherent in us.

Of course a main feature of travel is our travel companions. People love to travel in groups or with that special someone which enlivens the whole experience. Polling 16.67% of the results traveling with others was listed as an enjoyable factor. It is during a vacation that families and friends spend uninterrupted time together away from daily stress factors. Daily chores are forgotten, normal schedules are suspended while people indulge in rest and relaxation socializing with each other. Experiencing new sights and sounds together is a perfect way for family, friends and couples to bond.

With 8.33% citing other reasons including sunny beaches the finding of this poll that was conducted recently, re-confirms that over the past decades while travel trends may have changed, the basic reason or need for travel has not. Travelers still look for aesthetic beauty and historic artifacts when making a holiday destination choice, as that is what they enjoy the most when on vacation.

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