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Six Travel Personalities: What’s Yours?

Six Travel Personalities: What’s Yours?

How do you know if you don’t pick a wrong vacation? Have you ever chosen one and come back really disappointed?

The truth of the matter is making travel choices may have a lot to do with your travel personality.
Choosing the right one for you or your spouse can make a significant difference in reaching your dream travel experience, you know, from booking hotels, finding your way to the city park, going for the tour, etc.

This study was conducted by Dr. Plog, founder of Plog Research Inc. After researching for three decades, Dr. Plog revealed that we all have a “travel personality”

Most of us can be categorized into one of the following six different profiles.

Here they are:

1. Venturers

At the most left side, venturers feel rewarded if they discover unfamiliar places and explore unique cultures. They are the types who enjoy freedom the most, dislike the services of a tour guide or the comforts of a group. They also are the ‘most adventurous’ travelers who enjoy hard venture experiences such as canoeing in Amazon or trekking in Nepal.

Venturers type has a lot of correlation with their daily lifestyles. People in this category are usually on the cutting edge of the latest technology, products or services.

Only about 4% of the population fits in this category.

2. Mid-venturers

You still are the venturer type, but with a common sense attitude about it. You enjoy to visit unknown places, but prefer to have a good night sleep at a trusted Inn and right meals of the day. Compared to the pure venturers, you strive to have a balance in adventure and your life.

In your daily life, you will less likely be the first to try out new products or services. However, you will join the crowd of early adopters before the product becomes so popular that it drops in price. You will likely be an opinion leader or a good manager in a company.

Only 17% of the populations fits in this category.

3. Centric-Venturers

Centric-venturers are the diamonds of the travel industry. They are most likely to be motivated to travel. While the venturers tend to ignore advertising and the authentic have inflexible routines to influence, centric-venturers people are more likely to spend money in the travel industry. They don’t go for the extreme and, at the same time, don’t mind traveling.

Daily, you have mixed media habits in both TV and reading. You have a few of favorite TV shows, books and popular magazines.

In percentage, you comprise 30% of travelers population.

4. Centric-Authentics

You are steady, full of common sense and skillful in dealing with people. Compared to the last two, your travel interests are more varied and diverse – which makes you a fortunate person as many places can fit you well.

Centric-authentic people may head out for a relaxing place to fish, or enjoy just being outdoors in a beautiful setting. Travel tours in Adelaide may very well be a good choice on your travel.

Lifestyle-wise, you stick to well-known brands. If you are a women, your cooking and sewing abilities are incomparable. If you are a man, you can be a very handy person when it comes to repairing just about anything around the house.

You sit on one of the largest two groups in Dr. Plog’s scale.

5. Mid-Authentics

These traits below – may very well describe you:

“Laid back, calm, easygoing, happy-go-lucky, unruffled, untroubled, informal, unceremonious, casual, and carefree.”
When it comes to traveling, the mid-authentic go back year after year to places they tried before. They are described as the “mellow” type – which suggests leisure travel is not a priority.

The daily life of this type are easygoing and casual. They are movie renters and TV watchers; they enjoy household chores and spend time in the backyard most of the time.
About 17% of the population shares this trait.

6. Authentics

This is the trait at the other end of the spectrum. Very much opposite to the venturers, the authentics seek familiarity and predictability. This makes you the type of person who only goes to where there are lots of people. These folks are quiet, easygoing and dependable. A lot of people will ask you to do things often because you always get it right.

In your daily life, you are the late adopter – the ones who prefer to minimize risk and make sensible choices when it comes to new products. In a way, you are good at saving money than your venturesome counterparts.
Your category sits around 3-4% in the bell curve.

So there you go, the six travel personalities that will help you enhance your travel experience. By knowing which one is yours, you will be able to make a sensible choice in places, types of transportation, restaurants alone, with your spouse or within a group.

Mine? I am the centric-venturer. What is yours? you can share some comments below.

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