travel | Ten Money-Saving Travel Tips for Small Businesses
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Ten Money-Saving Travel Tips for Small Businesses

Ten Money-Saving Travel Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses are striving hard to compete in today’s economy. Saving cash becomes as important, if not more, as increasing sales.

Traveling can be one of the most largest expenses in your budget, depending on what kind of industry your business is in. Unfortunately, in order to get a deal from hotels or airlines, you have to order a certain quantity which does not always play in small business favor.

Your business can, however, compete with a few tips and tricks to make you save on your traveling expenses.

1. Book your travel ahead of time, as early as you can
If you want to go for a deal, make sure your planning goes way ahead. Travel industry works based on supply and demand. The earlier you book, the more chances you will encounter a deal.

Arranging your travel in advance is a win-win situation for you and the travel company. You get to anticipate the expenses involved and the travel company fills up their seats faster.

2. Look for a deal online
Searching online saves the airline company labor fees and you have more options to browse around. The information flow is at your control. Generally, the travel company is very likely to pass on the savings online.

Another reason is browsing online tickets give you ability to shop around before you land on one deal. Websites like and are good resources.

The last reason is computer is dumb. I have heard occurance where computer glitches result in erroneous ticket deals. There is one friend I know bought his ticket from Vancouver to Singapore for only $150. The ticket should have cost him $1500.

3. Fly at noon or late night time
The idea is you want to fly when everyone else are not likely to. Chances are you will find empty seats next to you. You will get more spaces for a price of a seat.

4. Subscribe to a rental program
Traditionally, car rental like Melbourne chauffeur discount programs are offered only to large businesses. Now, Thrifty’s SmartBiz program offer the first rent a car discount program for small businesses.
Take advantage of it.

5. Join customer loyalty program
If you have purchased from one airline or stayed at one hotel before, consider asking for customer loyalty program. You will likely to receive rewards on your next stay. Bring up this fact to your travel agent or hotel clerk and ask if any rewards can be given to you. Many companies will give you upgrade, additional discounts, extra airmiles, etc.

6. Ask and you shall receive
Staying extra nights at hotels during an off-peak period may entitle you to receive extra perks. Ask the hotel manager to compliment you with meals, spa treatments or others for your reason to stay the extra nights. Remember your request should be directed to the hotel manager.

7. Stay in and watch a movie
Save your entertainment cost by watching movie in hotels instead of going to bars and nightclubs. You will save a lot in cash.

8. Take your employees for free attractions
Plan in advance. Instead of going to a museum or Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tours, you can walk around the city to enjoy free attractions. They can be enlightening and easy on the wallet. Just make sure that you plan it well.

9. Avoid alcohol
Alcohol can easily jack up your bill. Stay away from adult beverages, or at least, ask your employees to pay for their own beverages. You will be much happier when the check arrives.

10. Ask the right questions
Discover any hidden charges or deals by asking the right questions. Here are some ideas.

For travel agents:

 Do you have discount tickets from X to Y?
 Is the ticket price final or can it be lower if I book another time?
 What are the charges involved?
 Are there any hidden charges that I should be aware of?

For hotels:

 How much will it cost for the parking?
 How much are the taxes and room service?
 How much will it cost for internet and telephone line?
 How much will it cost for laundry or maid service?
 What is your cancellation policy?
 Is there any customer loyalty program?
 Are there any other fees that I should be aware of?

That’s all. Go reduce some cost on your next business travel.

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