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The Beautiful Castles of Germany

The Beautiful Castles of Germany

Chances are your vision of what castles of Germany are comes right from Bavaria! The castles of Germany, especially Bavaria are known throughout the world and provide Germany with a steady income of tourist money! Prepare to slip away into a delightful world of fairy tale kings, alpine meadows, quaint villages and tinkling cowbells. How exciting to know that his place really exists and that the fairy tales actually seem to come alive here!

There are many, again many castles of Germany in Bavaria. There really is an opportunity for volumes of information on all of the dream inspiring castles you can find here. Of course we can’t talk about them all here, even though I wish we could. If you would like to see a list of most of the castles in Bavaria, check out my list of the castles here. I will, however, on this page talk about the major Bavarian castles and my favorites.

Beautiful Bavarian Castles

Veste Coburg

The Veste Coburg in Oberfranken is one of the most daunting castles in Bavaria. Construction of this magnificent fortress was begun in the 11th century. Martin Luther actually lived here in the 1530’s for six months. You will also find samples of great Bavarian woodworking here.


In Nurnberg, you will find Kaiserburg castle, a picturesque nestle of building making for one neat castle. With rounded towers and slanting roofs, this is one of the most beautiful castles to visit and photograph. There is a double chapel befitting the fact that a Holy Roman Emperor once lived in the Castellan’s Castle.
Burg zu Burghausen

The largest castle in Europe is right in Bavaria, in Oberbayern! Burg zu Burghausen, built in the 13th century, the castle is over 3,300 feet long. A visit here will take you back to medieval times and satisfy the most advent castle hunter’s curiosity.

Residenz in Wurstburg

Built in 1719, this magnificent palace was built for Wurzburg’s prince bishops. Featuring a baroque staircase said to be the largest in Germany, many come here to feast their eyes on giant frescoes and beautiful baroque architecture.

Resdenz in Munich

Munich has one of the finest German castles to be found in Bavaria. The Residenz, as it is known, was the home of the Wittelsbach family, and King Ludwig II of Bavaria spent a lot of time here as a child, drifting away from using it as he grew older. A combination of Classical and Renaissance styles along with rooms in the Baroque and Rococo styles make the palace a must see on any trip to Bavaria.

Schloss Nymphenburg

Also in Munich, you will find the impressive baroque masterpiece of Schloss Nymphenburg. Built beginning in 1664, this castle has enormous gardens and delicious frescoes. One of the famous exhibits here is the Schonheitsg.

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