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Tourist Attractions in Germany

Tourist Attractions in Germany

Tourist attractions in Germany – Bavaria start in the Alps, no wait at Lake Chiemsee, no wait in Munich? Oh boy, there is no best place to start because there are so many things to do and see in the beautiful state of Bavaria! The food, culture, scenery, and people are all amazing and worthwhile. Check out great options for things to do below.

There are many cities in Bavaria that offer amazing things to do and see… From Augsburg to Zwiesel, there is something about every Bavarian town worth exploring. Lakes, rivers, forests, castles, and quaint Bavarianchurches can be found throughout the region.

Alpine roads in southern Bavaria offer drives through historically significant towns such as Berchtesgaden and the super fast autobahn highways connect with cities such as Munich. Dachau offers sobering reminders of World War II, but also a charming town center. In Augsburg you can find reminders of Martin Luther, while in Bayreuth find notes of Richard Wagner.

Munich of course is one of the highlights of big city life in Bavaria. The mix of old world and new definitely shines in Germany’s third largest city. The capital of Bavaria, Munich has many exciting sites to see such ascastles, museums, and cathedrals. You can’t forget about one of the worlds largest festivals that takes place in Munich: Oktoberfest.

Tourist Attractions in Germany -Castles and Churches

Sail on a boat to one of King Ludwig’s fairy tale castles and follow theRomantic Road through picturesque countryside’s – all in Bavaria. The cathedrals and churches in Bavaria are rich in tradition and inspire spirituality. Whether in a large city or small town, exploring Bavaria means finding interesting sights , sounds and flavors that you may or may not have already known about, but are certain to enjoy. The current Pope Benedict XVI began his life right in Bavaria. Mix that in with a pilgrimage to the Wieskirche and a visit to the Bamberg Cathedral takes you to the only papal burial outside of Italy and France.

How do you feel about historical architecture? From Romanesque to Baroque, Neo-Classical to Rococo, the history in the buildings and architecture encompass all kinds of different styles and ages. Stumbling upon ruined castles and monasteries is one of the highlights of traveling in Bavaria. You never know what you might see around the next corner!

Tourist Attractions in Germany – Museums

Bavaria is full of museums and places to learn more about the German culture. Munich’s Deutsches Museum is a very exciting and informative. Hands on activities and exhibits make this one of Germany’s best museums. Another museum worth a visit is the BMW museum. Here you can find descriptive and fun historical information about BMW. A few surprises await visitors as well, like a car used by Pierce Brosnan in a James Bond flick and a room devoted to concept cars.

Tourist Attractions in Germany – Routes

One of the best ways to explore Bavaria is by travelling some of the tourist routes. These routes are specifically designed so highlight the best things that Bavaria has to offer. Perhaps the most famous route is theRomantic Road.

There are several other very popular routes to travel when you are in Bavaria.
One of the more popular routes is The Castle Road. Visitors can see around 70 different fortresses or castles on this route. The German Alpine Road offers spectacular views of the Alps and lakes of the region. Several other routes guide you through more unique categories such as crystal, porcelain, the Danube and even Sisi.

Tourist Attractions in Germany – World Heritage UNESCO Sites

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO is an organization that aspires to promote international learning, collaboration, peace as well as promotes cultural understanding and respect. UNESCO has sites that are listed as World Heritage sites, which are sites significant historically, culturally, or have some kind of nature related significance.

There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bavaria, another great reason to visit! Bamberg’s four towers, baroque palaces, Romanesque cathedrals, and enchanting town square make visiting here almost a requirement. The alstadt (“old city” meaning old part of town, or old town center) of Bamberg is listed as a World Heritage site. The Wieskirche or “Pilgrimage Church of the Scourged Saviour”, is a magnificent rococo style World Heritage Site and worth a visit for sure. Other Bavarian World Heritage sites include the Residenz in Würzburg, the Alstadt in Regensburg and Limes – the “Frontier of the Roman Empire”.

Tourist Attractions in Germany – Christmas Markets

Christmas time is magic in Bavaria! Christmas Markets, or Christkindlesmarkt are warm and glowing mini festivals in an otherwise cold time of year. Bavaria and all of Germany are famous for their Christmas time markets and there are many visitors who come from all around the world each year to tour the various markets throughout the region.
Sometimes starting as early as mid November, the markets usually begin late November around the beginning of the Advent season. The markets contain a series of stalls containing Christmas crafts like wreaths, ornaments, trees, and Christmas Pyramids. Other booths have yummyGerman foods such as pretzels, bratwurst, and of course beer.

Bringing all this excitement together are families and visitors talking, laughing and sharing the season together.

Tourist Attractions in Germany – Festivals

Festivals are a mainstay of Bavarian culture. Concerts, theater, well just about anything and everything can be and is celebrated here. From the Bayreuth Festival celebrating Richard Wagner’s works to the Allgau Viehscheid a celebration of the cows returning to town from their Alpine summer retreat, there are many festivals and celebrations to check out in Bavaria.

Submerging yourself in a local festival is sometimes the best way to learn a culture. Festivals provide a chance to sit back, sample the local cuisine, and people watch. You never know what you can find, who you can meet, where you may go while enjoying a small town local festival in Bavaria.


Oktoberfest is probably the most well known festivals in Bavaria, and perhaps all of Europe or even the world! This huge festival takes place in Munich every year beginning in the end of September and lasting for two weeks. Bavaria is proud of its heritage and culture – as it should be! Oktoberfest is a celebration of life, food, drink, and friends.

Tourist Attractions in Germany – The Alps

The Alps in Bavaria are a majestic reminder that nature is a powerful force. Once you travel from the north towards the Bavarian Alps, you see how the beauty of this great place overwhelms visitors as well as permanent residents!
The Bayerische Alpen offer quaint villages and soft snow capped mountains. Winter sport is abound here, with winter offering to die for winter sport outings. Just the sights to be seen here such as picturesque castles such as Neuschwanstein peppering the mountainsides and meandering cows sporting bells on their necks offer a spectacular Alpine visitor experience.

Tourist Attractions in Germany – The Danube

Have you heard of the “An der schönen blauen Donau” – ok “The Blue Danube”? It is a waltz by Johann Strauss II. The song references the beautiful river that originates in the Black Forest of Germany and flows directly through Bavaria. Regensburg, Passau and Ulm are just a few of the Bavarian cities that the Danube passes on its way west.

The river offers tons of sightseeing views and adventure. Sailing, skiing, and river cruises provide a wonderful way to enjoy the Danube.

River cruises offer an exciting way to see Bavaria. Cruising along the river in a comfortable vessel gives cruisers an opportunity to see many of the towns along the river and sample different German cuisines thus comfortably seeing the sites. Enjoy a low stress holiday coasting along the Danube in this way.

The Passion Play in Oberammergau

Besides Oktoberfest, Bavaria is home to another great tradition, although much more tame than the traditional beer fest. Every ten years a small village in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a district in Bavaria, perform a spectacular tribute to a God thought to have helped save their town from the plague. The Oberammergau Passion Play is truly a wonderful production that uses the talents of over 2,000 Oberammergau residents. Every ten years townspeople practice for over eight months to get ready for the event. Between 450,000 and 580,000 people from around the world attend the play. Magnificent cities, glorious countryside, and warm hearted folks make the tourist attractions in Germany – Bavaria more than just a vacation; it is truly an entire experience. With the many things to do and see and the many diverse places to go the possibilities are endless in Bavaria!

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